CDO PVP at its Finest

  • @COCKROACH SEA players would still play on EU, just like NA players. Because it’s the most populated server. Maybe they could grind there, but all the action is on EU.

  • @sharkchan if i had sea server id never go back to EU unless it was a boss spawn or something like that, id spend 100% of my time in SEA grinding on mobs with beautiful fucking speedy kills with low ping and dueling shanks and airy and all the other sea players in the battle arena

    just cause eclipse plays on EU doesnt mean all NA players play on EU, have you even been to NA in the last month? do you even know what its like over there? i sure hope so before you start commenting about where the action is. the moment sea server is added the “action” on EU will dissapear because 50% of the top PVPers in the fucking EU server are from SEA.

    if anything SEA will steal the action from EU not the other way around.

    oh and eclipse playing on EU when hes an NA player, eh let him do what he wants, even if he wins a fight they will just call him a lagger anyways so whats the point of him doing pvp? oh well each to their own

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