PVE/PVP Unbalance

  • ok you all knew it was coming :D
    With all the recent events, people have been doing less and less pvp which is kinda frustrating.
    I as a representative of the pvp aspect of this server would like to say there is too much pve content, and people are too soft so when they get open world pvped they resort to s**t talking.
    So how do we fix this? I honestly don’t know but it should be taken in notice the community as a whole, yea sure pvp sucks when someone who knows how to play and has gear beats you and you cant fight back you get that foul taste in your mouth :D but by the end of the day we all know that motivation is what drives you to becoming the best ^_^

  • will the wild hunt allow to start?

  • I guess it rather hard on you, the server situation right now.
    So many people who have the gear (or had, before rulette) left the server, and we have quite a lot of new players who are playing for 1week or 2. for those pve is still a challage, they need time to grind their way up.
    Imagine if we finaly got enhanced items dropping, or if we get something to help out the new people in their journey.

  • @SnowQueen bruhh the server is gonna run dry because there is nobody fueling some pvp drama and stuff like dayum it gets boring here…

  • did u just say theres 2 much pve content?407c00fd-3175-4176-94b3-6993abe51411-image.png

  • @Ronin Depends what you like. There are many players who simply like lifeskilling and quests and similar stuff and its perfectly natural b’couse this game is an artwork in these subjects. And it is not boring in any way. New players are a blessing for any server not to mention private. Priviet!

  • First of all Ronin, of course as a “representative of the pvp aspect of this server” you are geared and trained accordingly to compete, meaning anyone who’s not gets utterly destroyed. Especially if they’re not even into PvP, or they’re just grossly undergeared/leveled, of course they hate it when you kill them. It’s called bullying because they have no chance.

    Imagine someone doing that to you before you even bought your first 90-day VP and have no Elion’s Blessings.

    No, you do not need that entire node to yourself.
    End of story.

    We need more PvE content and improvements and people are waiting for that as well as PvP updates. Both of those as well as lifeskilling, fashion, interior design, enhancing, buying/selling etc are all very valid ways to spend your time here, depending on what you like.

    Sure, your presence as a “defender” of grind spots might get you some “notoriety” with more peaceful players, but not in a good way. In their eyes you’re just a bully and very likely held in disdain for it.

    If that’s the kind of popularity you want, do what you do. Once again, this game is made to be played however you want.

    Just remember that some players never want to “git gud” at PvP and never get “hyper-motivation” from getting completely melted with no chance.

  • @RYO-kai as a matter of fact i did went thru it :D i got ganged by reckoning,prime,plague,purge.
    I was a novice back then and i couldnt farm ogres for 2 months i was stuck on the side rotations of hexe sanctuary getting my TET weapons.

  • As a newbie who just started a week ago, i only just got my black abyssal weapon yesterday, its fine if i get destroyed at rbf since i am there for the silver, but yesterday after dim tree spirit some pro rekted everyone, thankfully he did it after we got the drops.

    I guess you feel good thrashing newbies while they try to gear up, but theres so few of us if this server turns out to have only a handful unfriendly pros killing us everywhere we go, it would be quite depressing and pointless to play (for me).
    Esp since the drop rates seems kinda crappy, joined probably 20+ boss fights but havent had any boss equips so far.

    Not sure how long you played to get your equips but i dont even know how long it would take us to gear up…

  • @Ronin Yeah, not surprised you had to deal with it too. However, I hold the belief that just because you went through it, that’s absolutely not a valid reason to put others through it yourself. That’s the kind of mentality that destroys general trust and people’s belief in goodwill, therefore negatively affecting the entire society - be it a game or real life.

    @aurori I agree that uncalled for PK’s are annoying and discouraging to new players, but I’d consider drop rates a different discussion entirely. As you said, anyone joining RBF knows they can be demolished and does so willingly anyway. RBF also gives such huge rewards on weekends that you could afford to preorder that gear that never dropped in a reasonable amount of time.

  • stop giving yourself an excuse like “im newbie, stop bullying”. find your way to get geared, rat, hide, be more cautious, abuse cc, anything, think, use your brain, stop being a furniture.

  • We have 2 much 0ve content

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