Game didn't install with GameOption.txt file

  • When I open up my game it says

    Not found C:\Users\eric2\OneDrive\Documents\CrimsonDesert\GameOption.txt

    I searched and my game didn’t install with the GameOption.txt file. I tried to drag the GameOption.txt file from normal Black Desrt into the folder, and it saved my settings from normal black desert but I got the same message when I tried to change the settings in game and any changes to the settings or UI in game changed after closing and opening Crimson desert again.

    Any thoughts?

  • @Spaceman compatibility issue because we run the KR client or something along those lines. It will be worth it to just go and re-do all your keybinds and UI.

    even if it takes you 30 minutes, chances are you will do it better this time around anyways (:

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