Dear Devs.....

  • Hello devs… my family name is OverPower in game
    i played on ogrefest for 1 year and here on cdo from beta
    server really got pogressed and good
    but something is missing in my heart… and its the devs communication with us Players
    i know u guys have hard time couse new game called Crimson Desert (Pearl Abyss)
    but this silance make me go crazy
    if only u guys could say something , it could save alot of people that want to quit
    even me a person that always support this server with all my heart
    got the feeling u guys dont care about us
    and if u care please… i dont want to hear anyother staff respond to me
    i want to hear stright from dev or server project leader
    whats going on with server and update… dose we have a futher
    will we ganna get update in the next mouth
    is the server ganna come to close

    please and i really mean it

    information us with all that is going on… and if we can support server (without wasting money) in any way
    i would like to know how

    look i got 11k view… and all my responds are server is the best… and i really mean it
    lats make Cdo Great again
    ty and sorry if its was to long

    please respond
    please please please
    ty :D

  • This post is deleted!

  • weirdchamp flexing that vid because it got views from CrimsonDesert announce by PA

  • @COCKROACH Oh oh Stinky

  • Hello devs

  • This post is deleted!

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