So I started playing.....

  • First 10 minutes of the game I was trying to figure out how to change language settings to English instead of korean. Finally did that and got into the game. Did ui settings and what not and started questing. Got my first gear drop, equipped it and instantly crashed. Happened again 4 times so I decided to continue quest onto Captain Cliff in hopes the crash issue would be fixed eventually. Cliff isn’t there and I instantly uninstalled.

    If you want new players for your server, you might want to have it playable for at least the first 20 minutes of the game…those first impressions are crucial.

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    @Dozier Hello! You should maybe ask other people in the chat for help. Since we are a helpful community to those that seek help.
    About your Crashing Issue please remove your game cache and run a repair it should help.
    About NPCs being not there is a render issue just run out of the render distance and come back or do a relog.

  • @HoaqinSnowix Yes, I saw that fix in another post, it seems like it did not fix the problem for that person either.

  • I am kinda in the same boat here. Brand new player, fresh install, got my first brior helmet and ended up crashing trying to equip it. There wouldn’t be a cache to clear in my case. Also ran into the missing NPC in the guard camp, ended up running out of town and back, the NPC still wasn’t present.

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    @nalfien Brior Pieces are bugged atm. You tried a relog on the place where the NPC should be?

  • @HoaqinSnowix I recently leveled up new char, and had the same problems, Every quest armor disconected me, even the accessories.

    Maybe we those pieces would be replaced by some other items?
    Or there could be email generated for every new created account which would warn about it? same as we get the pet at the start. I think there are few key information people should know about. I know not many people would actualy read it, but if at least one porson does, then its worth it.
    The email should probably contain infor about the Items that disconect you. About missing npc and that fix for that is either relog on spot or run away and come back to load the area. And third one about bosses, and being close to them when they die to get your loot and not have the boss bugged. (and more if you can think of some)

  • @HoaqinSnowix I did a full install and a full repair right after and now it’s working.

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    @SnowQueen I will suggest the Idea about a new player information e-mail to Verm.
    Gonna close this Topic now.

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