Public Test Realm FAQ & Information

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    PTR Information

    • 1. What is PTR exactly?

    PTR (Public Test Realm) is a separate test server with the latest features and new content which should be tested and adjusted before we push everything to live. Everyone has access to this sever and is able to create new characters to participate in the development processes.

    • 2. Will there be a wipe after you release Remastering version of the client for live servers?

    PTR and game servers have different data base, there will be no wipe on live servers, and all your progress is safe, it will not affect your main characters. The main purpose of PTR is to help the team to investigate and fix issues and check the content, so the data, balance and progress may be changed in accordance with the development process. PTR will not be wiped unless it’s necessary and your access to PTR will be valid when we release Remastering on game servers. We will still have separate server for PTR regardless if we go live or not.

    • 3. Will I have to download another game client when you release Remastering on live servers?

    In order to access the Remastered version you will have to install the PTR client. You don’t need to download the client again when Crimson Desert Remastered goes live. However, if you don’t have Crimson Desert Remastered PTR client, you will have to download the entire client from scratch, because technically the 2100 version and Remastering are 2 different versions.

    • 4. Where do I install the new launcher?

    You should install the new launcher with the game client into a separate directory from the 2100 old version to prevent most common issues.

    • 5. I have accidentally installed the new launcher into the same directory with the live game and it doesn’t run now. What can I do?

    You will have to download and reinstall the old launcher from our site again and then install the new launcher into a separate directory. Then repair your client through the old launcher.

    NOTE: If you experience issues when try to start the game through the shortcut after this, please, create a new one.

    • 6. Should I create a new account to play on PTR?

    No, you will use the live credentials to enter PTR. Both of the servers, live and PTR use the same account data but separate character data.

    • 7. What are the rates of PTR?

    Drop rates on PTR are doubled compared to CDO live servers.

    • 8. How can I skip the newbie content to be able to test high level features and locations?

    Here, on PTR you will have access to certain command which will help you to level up your character and get some good gear.

    NOTE: Make sure you type the command in General or the Server chats to make it working.

    .qa warReady <enchant level up to 19> - Example: .qa warReady 19 will give you full TET boss gear.
    .qa behero - Gives you 3 types of Alchemy Stones and some good buffs.
    .pc heal - Restores your health.

    • 9. I’ve found a bugged quest or gameplay mechanic which I am sure is not working as intended. What should I do?

    We encourage players to fully utilize our bug tracker located on our website at - Here you can directly report issues to our development team to ensure that those pesky bugs are squashed for good!

    • 10. Will the Central Marketplace be available on launch?

    The Central Market is still under development, so it will be released at a later date.

    • 11. I cannot install the game client into another directory while downloading the game through the new launcher.

    You will not be able to choose a separate directory with the new launcher. It will always be installed into the same folder with the launcher.

    • 12. The launcher does not allow me to save my password while trying to log in.

    We do not support this option anymore in order to enhance the security of your data.

    • 13. Unable to access the live servers after entering PTR or coming from a remastered live version.

    You have to reset the user cache. You have three options;

    1. Delete the directory in My Documents called “Crimson Desert”.
    2. or, Delete the directory in My Documents/Crimson Desert named “UserCache”.
    3. or, Use the launcher and click “Reset Cache” which will do the above.
    • 14. How can I join the game chat on PTR?

    To join the game chat you should press “Enter” and type “.channel join 12” and then press “Enter” again.

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