How to get an Elephant

  • A quick unprofessional guide^^.

    First thing you should do is make sure your "Quest type " is on “All” as shown in the picture below. its the main reason why the elephant quests isn’t available in Serazad.


    I found out that this is the reason for the quests not to show in Serazad (Shakatu Villa)

    Next step make sure you have:
    1- 20 empty bottles
    2- four 100G gold bars

    You will need one 100G for the NPC to give you Shakatu Villa ticket. and 3 gold bars for the quests.

    • Head to Shakatu villa which is placed in north coast of Valencia as shown below.


    • Next talk to ( Villa Keeper) Dumaham and spend 100G gold bar for the Villa invitation.
    • Enter the Villa and Talk to Serazad then under Quests you will find the elephant quest.

    Just follow the quests which are simply:

    – Giving Shakatu king 3 100G gold bars.
    – Filing 20 river water and giving it to the elephant which is located near the Villa entrance.
    – collecting 100 weeds and feeding it to the elephant.
    – lastly talk to the stable NPC in shakatu to get the elephant emblem
    – boom you have your elephant.

    **Some Tips:

    • Do not register the elephant in shakatu stable because you dont want to ride that slow elephant to Heidel xd.
    • You can fill up river water inside the Villa exactly in front of the entrance there is small fountain.


    Hope this works for all.



  • @7ssn thankyou for this. ive been planning on getting an elephant soon and this will help me so much! :D

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    @7ssn Great work you did there much appreciated!

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