When the devs are holding out content

  • I just saw the rewards for the so called Halloween Screenshot event and 2 of the reward there is obtainable via pearl shop and quest.

    The Shudad Costume is in pearl shop already in retail and the Naga costume for Shai’s are a quest reward to craft that costume in Glish.

    Also the participation reward Baby Elephant Tier 1 we don’t know if it’s a mount or is it a pet? if it’s a mount you can get that via quest too.

    Now that we know that Naga costume is in the game why not just add the questline for it and also add the NPC that gives the quest for Shai Herb Gatherer Costume too.

    I know that the Naga costume for Shai is new it was released like a week ago or something does that mean CDo devs have the full set of updates or the Naga Costume is just a custom thing they did to add it to the game like the CDo pet sword?

  • Why do u think Swordie is a custom pet?
    It is the same as retail, with the only difference that it is completely useless in our server.


    Oh, no, wait, name has changed. They added “CDO” in it kek

  • Gamemaster

    @Kriezelia Hey! As we stated its the Glorious Shudad which is the Event version of the Shudad Outfit. Since we say Tier 1 its obviously a Pet since the “baby elephant” from the Quest you are talking about is a miniature elephant not a baby elephant.

  • And you know the difference between those two right? The glorious shudad has a cape while the pearl costume doesn’t that’s it that’s why players who got the glorious shudad from pre-ordering BDO are pissed because that’s the only difference.

    I mean the owner of glorious shudad can just toggle the cape on or off and they got the pearl costume which made them even more pissed. :D

    Also a weird event either way we want updates and new content not this.

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