When I run (Shift) Camera Unlocks

  • Trying to figure out how to fix this. I am newbie here.
    So when I Walk regularly its all good I can use my mouse to move the character left/right.
    But when I press Shift to run I can no longer move my char left or right, instead camera pans left or right.

  • @Funfact that’s nornal behavior, you wouldn’t be able to suddenly run another way either, would you?

  • Quality Assurance

    if u fast enuf,u can use mouse assistance function to control ur Shift(sprint) move,easy

  • @H3NTAI well… all it takes is infinite acceleration :3 easy

  • Okay it’s normal behavior. I really dislike it though. Is there a workaround anyone knows? Thanks

  • There is really limited use to sprinting while navigating precisely, so I wouldn’t really call these “workaround”:

    a) For shorter distances: Be in combat mode and use your combat skills to change direction (all classes have a form of semi-spammable mobility)

    • Useful for actual combat (duh~); when you need to strafe around
    • Usually combined with other mobility options of your class
    • Also useful for exploring the area on your own

    b) Longer Distances: Use autopath and then SHIFT to run

    • Need to get somewhere in town fast? Use autopath option and SHIFT once youre in autorun
      ^in case you were bothered by running into fences and walls in town

    Edit: a2) Ninja and Kuno have raw turnspeed during Target Chase buff
    Edit2:a3) Valk and Ranger as well. Thanks to @shugi

  • @46n so do ranger n valk during their respective sprint buffs

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