<CRIMSON DESERT> ''PA'' & ''The Private Server''

  • Now that PA has announced their next big MMO titled ‘‘CRIMSON DESERT’’ will this cause any sort of conflict ?! Can’t PA Sue for registered brand ?

  • Hmm could we get one more thread about this please

  • Of course it will cause something pretty sure after they show what Crimson Desert is they will now copyright that shit that means either they will put a Cease and Desist order on the server or just sue the owner for using their game for monetary gain.

    Private server always get a loophole about you just “donate” to the private server owners now that CDO offers monthly fee for some sort of perk they gain money from those.

    I mean just imagine you created a game and someone created a private server of it and gains money from your work.

    CDO owner still have until Nov 13 to change the name of the server to other name because at Nov 14 PA will show Crimson Desert.

    Pretty sure PA already noticed CDO because of people searching what Crimson Desert is and it just shows this private server.

  • @Kriezelia FUCK PA

    we should keep the server named crimson desert and the big fucking company can SUCK IT

    PA cant do shit about private servers. if they could there would be no private servers. Same goes for world of warcraft.

    we need to STICK IT TO THE MAN

  • Running a private server is illegal that’s Intellectual Property Theft already also running a private server cost a lot that private server owners lose money on the process of running it that’s why the Game Publisher/Game Dev they don’t bother closing them down because in some instances the private server closes down because of losing revenue.

    I remember a WoW private server that runs a long time that was order to close down by Blizzard because they will now offer Vanilla Server and also that private server is the longest running vanilla private server for WoW i think? and earns a lot of money.

    That’s why CDo dev and owner should answer this problem now than later because right now a lot of people are searching for Crimson Desert and this server is showing up and maybe in Nov 14 the name “CRIMSON DESERT” will be official.

  • @Kriezelia No, its not illegal per se, that being said its nor legal either so. There are more variables to this.

  • It depends on the country’s laws about IP.

    Also private server doesn’t have any legal basis to stand on once the owner of that game says stop or get sued.

    Unless the owner of CDo is Chinese and the server is in China then yeah that country doesn’t give a shit about those things.

    Also the silence from the dev’s is scary right now not even a peep to address this.

  • Yes but not necessarily. I’m no lawyer but it is custom code we are talking about. Thats why I said its a grey area. Its no stolen server files so. There will be no lawsuits on this trust me. PA loves money too much to suit someone in another country. The cost of that goes exponential.

  • @Kriezelia Yeah, looking at this suspicious 10 days silence on changelog page it seems the Devs are already jailed 🎃 or they dropped further development…🤔

  • Lead Developer

    It’s an example of where a big company can abuse the smaller ones, nothing new, we will take necessary action later down the line.

    This topic will be closed since this seems to be more of a drama topic.


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