Disabled Feature List

  • Gamemaster

    Hello everyone!
    First of all credits goes to RYO-kai and COCKROACH for already preparing a list.
    We considered your suggestion about a Disabled Feature Topic/List and here it is.
    We will constantly change this one, so you always see what is disabled and what not.

    Features that are disabled on purpose:

    • Cron Stones for Gear
      (You can use them for T9/Dream-horse attempts)

    • Costume melting/extraction

    • Marni Stones

    • Fall Damage

    • Ghillie name hiding effect

    • Durability on gear and alchemy stones
      (You still have to restore max durability after failing an enhancement)

    • Horse dismounting underwater/water

    • Stabilized Magical Black Stone
      (Force enhancement with Black Stones is enabled)

    • AFK Training

    • Sea content (Magoria/Great expedition)

    • Drieghan

    • Stars End

    • Guild Payout/Daily Salary and Support Funds

    • Life Skill Mastery

    • Altar of Blood (AoB)

    • Savage Rift

    • Shai Awakening

    • Enhanced Drops
      (up to +15 Armor/Weapons and DUO Accessories)

    • Tent

    • Nodewars/Conquest

    • Guild Galley/Elephant
      (You can get them but you cant register them currently)

    • Warehouse VT
      (Central Marketplace Storage)

    Features that are intended to work but currently not work:

    • Imperial Trading/Delivery

    • Challenge Rewards
      (Y window)

    • Devour
      (works but not while you have a failstack currently)

    • Maids/Butler

    • Desert Debuff

    Feel free to send us a PM if you have something we maybe forgot about so we can add it to this list.

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