For those who lost silver after selling an item

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    U see, it’s a visual bug that I have encountered. Let me explain the logic of this bug:
    When an item is being sold, it automatically counts to your current money in warehouse.
    Let’s say you have 120 mill in your warehouse, and you sold an item for 1 mill. Your amount will automatically turn into 121 mill without you taking the money for a sold item. What you need to do is just refresh a page: what i’m personally doing is swapping from warehouse to marketplace and back to warehouse again. Or some people just closing the market and opening it again. You will see that your money in a stock is 120 million again, and then you can take money from sold item.

    Please, be sure to do so if you don’t want to loose crazy amount of silver.

  • Example:
    I instasold sharp crystal, my amount is fake - 181 million.

    I do to ‘buy’ tab and my amount is true now - 179 mill.


    I go back, receive it, and my money is in my stock now.

  • ^ If u receive money without doing those steps, your markeplace will glitch and u will have 179 millon instead of 181 million.

    Hope that will help y’all staying rich.

  • You said we could lose silver, how would that happen? If we colect the item without refreshing the page?

  • @SnowQueen

    It is happening sometimes, tho probably with me only - few times i received money without doing steps i told about and i lost like… 90 million overall until i found out the fix for that. So for your own mental stability, be sure to do so.

  • @Stormborn That is not really true, I sold potion for 4k, the silver went up right after the item got sold, as you said, then i didnt refresh anything > received the money > the silver went up 4k again (fake money) but then went down 4k to the right amount. After opening market again, the silver is still at right amount

  • @SnowQueen happened with me on selling BUNCH of stuff like Black Stone Powder. Sold like thousands and everything went on a waste. i’m just advicing to not fall into trap i did.

  • @SnowQueen it is happening like.

    My real money is 100 mill
    I sold powder for 5 mill, so fake amount was 105 mill
    I didn’t refresh and received money, and my price just went to 100 mill again

  • The sad part is that i think i have the over 900m in my Cm storage before selling my nouver, but i cant be sure, but since the SS has time on it, they should be able to see in in database, if i actualy lost the silver or not.

  • @SnowQueen BUT! honestly speaking, it was long ago, so if the bug is fixed - good, but i haven’t risked it xD

  • @Stormborn Yes, i guess the safe way is to, never take the freshly made silver xD, come back for it later

  • @SnowQueen aye, hope i helped you :)

  • Ah I see. So that happened. I was wondering where the silver dissapeared to.

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