Missing money from sold items through preorder

  • I know there ware some talks about missing money, I could find it (i also didnt look for that long, sorry).

    Today I lost 154m from selling +8 nouver (already ticket in place) but then it got me thinking, because I had a feeling in the past, that my money wasnt adding up, but i didnt have prove of it. Now i did screenshots before and after colecting the money, and i also watched the silver balance, AND that was interesting.
    I had a guy who preordered that +8 nouver first and then i put it on the CM, got sold right away> went to get my money > saw the money in my CM storage > half second passed> money disappeared. Silver amount went down back to the amount before collection.

    I did some testing on a potion, with the same results. If the preorder is put down first > then the item is listed > collected silver will disspear within a second uppon receiving.

    How are all the people selling shards and caphras doing? Anyone saw the same thing? anyone experienced that too?

  • @SnowQueen
    happened to me twice with dande. there’s either 2 things it’s doing. one being that it’s adding the money the second it sold and when you hit collect it just re applied the money it already added or second it just isn’t adding the money.

    didn’t really check what my money was before listing so can’t confirm, kinda hope it’s just re applying the money and I’m not down half a bil.

  • True, I tested out on the potions again, and it confirmed that the silver is added right after the item is sold, even if the silver was not colected yet.
    But it would still be nice if gm could go over the database and see if i got the money or not for that nouver.

  • @SnowQueen Yeah, I’ve seen this behavior as well. I’m pretty sure it’s as you both said; it adds the silver immediately upon sale, and when you collect, it adds it again, “realizes” that it already added it, and then reverts back about a half-second later.

  • @SnowQueen Confirmed. Many times. May the Devs try to cope with this bug couse its devastating.

  • @Vito_Cornelius its a visual bug, the silver is there just refresh the market by closing it and opening it again, or by clicking “manage storage” and transfering 1 silver into your marketplace storage

  • @COCKROACH It’s not always like that. Sometimes you really lose them :v

  • is not visual ! i just lost 3 turr erring !! some preorder and i dont get any silver on my CM

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