Christmas Event Item Suggestion

  • All this Halloween spookiness has got me thinking about holiday event mechanics, and I think this could be a rather cool idea:

    For that very merry time of year, I’d recommend an event item called Wrapping Paper. Super-easy to obtain, and using it on certain, non-game-breaking bound items or Pearl items will package them into a giftable item. It could even be named by the player to hide the contents from the recipient before opening.

    It would be nice to buy that outfit for your friend who’s a little short on Pearls right now, or gift a nice little package of Artisan’s Memories and Blacksmith’s Secret Book - 50 to your buddy who’s about to undertake some major enhancement attempts.

    It would also be nice to be able to box up your own Pearls into Pearl Gift Boxes to give to others. However, I understand that it could have an affect on the balance of the economy. RNG sometimes kicks down too, though – and the holidays are all about abundance! I’ll await your judgement on that one ;)