Anyone else having issues with Place Mode?

  • Just curious if this is a widespread thing:

    Most of the time, the game will literally just crash to desktop 1 or 2 seconds after leaving Place Mode – It seems to happen randomly as I haven’t noticed a pattern. Fortunately, stuff stays where I put it when I reload. (FYI, my game runs great and I have few to no crashes while playing normally.)

    I checked the Bug Tracker, and there’s one mention of a similar issue from 2 months ago, so I’d like to know how common it is with everyone.

    (For this next one, any community feedback would be appreciated before I submit a bug report)

    Curtains are vanishing when installed. This has happened to me several times. Upon purchase inside Place Mode, they will not place automatically where previewed, so in this video I delete the (BUY) placeholder and replace it with the one I’d just purchased.

    Poof. Gone. I still get the 20 interior points for it when it vanishes though.

    Curtain example:

  • curtains aint working, some items can break the entire house.

  • and yeah, crashing after placing furniture is a common bug. u always doing it.

  • @Stormborn Cool, thanks for the feedback :)

  • DO NOT place: fish tank shell, a jukebox that looks like a globe
    they wipe out your house, u will have to sell and purchase it again

  • i do not know the info about halloween stuff, but please, follow my advice: purchase a house that will be ur ‘testing’ one, in other case u will have to put urself through the hell with placing all the furniture back again. i got 10k points and the damn jukebox wiped out my house, i had to place it all over again and i cried.

  • @Stormborn Ouch… Thanks for the heads-up on all of that. I got lucky so far! I even placed a jukebox yesterday, but it wasn’t the glitched one :o

  • @RYO-kai i have plenty jukeboxess. my house is velia 2-3, use it as an example of what furniture is not bugged. not having all of them, of course, but a lot of em. not advertising for having respect for house design xD this way is just better cos u can see an example

  • Thanks again! Wouldn’t mind seeing your layout anyway. I’ll try to remember to check it out when I’m in that area :)

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