Halloween event.

  • It’d be better if the halloween candy was grindable instead of an hourly reward…Would be better to make players grind for it instead of just leaving the pc open for hours.

  • i also imagine that shai can’t wear any of stuff that they give for event, right?

  • @Vermillion please do it. Why would afk get same rewards as active players UwU

  • I also remember u guys once said that you don’t want to give free things just leaving pc opened as they do on gamez :(

  • Yeah same droprate as pearl boxxes would be nice…since it’s an event. Motivate people to be active and grind instead of afk farming rewards.

  • The issue is also that you give the items every 30 mins, so if someone dc right before the giveaway, he has to wait another 30 mins.

    Couldnt we have combination of afk and active gain of candy?
    Or cap the daily afk gain (like the event with petals, if i remember it corectly, you could get like 5 or 10 max per day) + active way like grinding or gather
    …but i suppose that would require more complicated coding

  • Not everyone wants to do grinding for literally everything. To make these items locked behind grinding is alienating a portion of the server’s population, small as it may appear, it’s still there. Everyone needs a shot at something, that’s the point of doing events like this, is it not? You don’t need to turn literally everything into a flexing competition.

    Also, technically you can get about 672 candies from this event, so crying about missing one sounds a tad silly.

    This isn’t pearls, it’s not an integral part of the experience. It’s two weeks of free things to celebrate a holiday. I don’t see the bad side here.

  • This is silly for a few reasons.

    There are quite a lot of people who’s gameplay does not include PvE, either by choice, in their general play-style, or due to gear limitations.
    Limiting an event item to one specifically targeted aspect of the game is just not fair by any means.

    The advantages that gear-heavy and generally PvP/E oriented players would have over the rest of the server would be downright ludicrous.

    AFK rewards are the only viable way to ensure that everybody has a fair chance at obtaining the event items, regardless of play-style or gear, or hours in PvE.

    Disconnection may be an issue, let’s just hope that the timers were written well.

  • @theknifearedone adding one thing doesn’t mean removing another. We can still keep the thing for staying logged in but wouldn’t rewarding active play make much more sense

  • @H3NTAI the OP specifically says “instead” though lol, that’s what I was referring to
    And yes, in a vacuum that makes sense, but without nerfing what’s already in place it will be too much sugar for anyone to handle and we will all die a horrible death.

  • @theknifearedone but… 50h for one pet with durability reduction resistance seems a bit like a ripoff

  • @H3NTAI They said it is customized. Prob it has different effects :v

  • @Utucs sure hope so :P

  • @H3NTAI This entire game is a ripoff sometimes. It do be like that.

  • @theknifearedone retail had these types of events tons of times tho. Stuff like the easter egg hunt etc where you occasionally drop nice items from grinding. Why complain about buffing something just because other things aren’t being buffed

  • @Nim About timers… You get the candy every 5th minute and 35th minute , so you dont have to be in for whole 30 mins… Just be online at the “giveaway moment”. Im still a bit unsure what happens if you relog at that specific time, you migth get none.

  • don’t you think some incentive to actually play the game might be healthy for the server?

  • @theknifearedone Imagine complaining because you gotta play the game in an active way :^)
    You guys are really awesome sometimes on this server LMAO

  • @H3NTAI Incentive to play shouldn’t come from holiday events, it should come from the base game. If it can’t provide you with one, it’s not a very good game.

    @Utucs said in Halloween event.:

    @theknifearedone Imagine complaining because you gotta play the game in an active way :^)
    You guys are really awesome sometimes on this server LMAO

    Imagine complaining about not getting more practically free shit than anyone else just by hitting grass beetles 9 hours a day for two weeks, boy howdy

  • @theknifearedone well yea I kinda expect to be rewarded for “working” 9h

    like who would you pay more? the guy that just sits at his workplace drinking coffee or the guy actually doing something useful

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