• Well uh. As u know, i’m very patient and I guess its my fault that I’m playing Shai.

    But didn’t u say that shift+e plus F were fixed?
    Cause they are anything but fixed.

    F, as in ‘Go Away’ doesn’t do damage. At least to a person. And it supposed to.

    Shift+Q wasn’t even touched. No idea why, it is known that it’s not working at all.

    Shift+E… ‘Get Well’… dude i don’t even want to talk about it.

    I mean, how on Earth did u miss the fact it’s not working in parties? It’s such an op heal. When ur in party, it heals everyone but Shai herself. When Shai isn’t in party, it’s all working fine.

    I mean, yall know that I’m defending the server and playing it for already quite long and I respect GMs and all and I like the concept of the server ‘all free’ thing… but im really-really loosing my patience, so I guess I rather just go for a break and wait when it’ll work fine.
    Cause despite me understanding that it’s tough to hold a server with such a small team, I have no idea how bugs like that after u say u fix them just being missed. I mean, u got a testing server, right? Do testers work on it? Not even saying that i’m waiting for my one thing to be somewhat fixed for like 6 months.
    Happy Halloween and all. I call it quits for now.

  • Naniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 0.o

  • @Lexi-Storm nani the fook

  • i want to play shai, but every time i play her i notice those bugs and it makes me wanna destroy things. please, have an additional proper look on those skills.

  • @Stormborn Just saying, afaik they don’t have a test server anymore. Live server is the test server itself

  • still nothing on that
    @Vermillion @Hwang

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