Lets talk HORSES

  • I would like to start a conversation involving horses and all the things involving them. Possibly map things, which arent working and as a result create wholesome bug report in the end.


    • Horses sink into the terain, or fly up in the sky

    • After using Raw lump of sugar, the horse doesnt register it, and can go into the “wild” mode again, but there is no option for taming and calming him down, because the process of sugar feeding makes the rope dissapear. (normaly the horse should not go wild anymore, after eating sugar)

    • TIP: If you know you are in area where horses should be, but you cant see any > Run around - they are mostlikely hiding in the ground and by running close to them you will scare them and they will appear.


    • 6400 base exp per tick , 6406 with pearl outfit (+20%) , 6412 with pearl outfit and +3 silver embroided trainers clothes (+40% together)
      EDIT: Extra mount EXP scroll +20% have the same effect as pearl outfit and clothes, adding only 6 extra exp

    • Training level doesnt have effect, you get same exp as beginer or master

    • Are we getting another horse exp boost to get to the same value as pre RM? Which was around 9000.


    • To breed you need to carry the silver in your inventory, picking the option “storage” doesnt work.

    • Genetics are a bit messed up, we can get pure black fro 2 pure white parents.

    • If listing mount on breeding market for everyone to use, the original price is not corect. The horse will end up listed for lower price.

    Selling - “Sell mount”

    • There is option to sell mount below lv15 to npc, the offered price is not identical with received silver and no combat exp is delivered to the character

    Selling - Horse market

    • Price that is offered in the moument of horse register is not identical with the price for which the horse is listed.

    Selling - Imperial delivery

    • Offered price is not identical with the received silver amount.
      Example: T2 963,067 offered - 216,005 received = 22,4% of the promissed price

    I think the whole horse situation needs close look. after reading through this https://grumpygreen.cricket/bdo-training-guide-eminent/ , even the base price on our horses is lower than retail. Our T7 lv1 is for 23mils and on retail T7 lv1 is 34mils.

  • T9 mats - Quest : ID: 4534/1
    Not possible to finish - its the upgraded quest where you sould get 2 mats instead of one when you get to master trainer.
    You can go around it if you accept the quest with another char who isnt master trainer (sadly it will be only 1 mat as reward)

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