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  • Hey I just wanted to make sure the 34g install I’m being told to download after I updated the launcher is correct? I know you guys just added quite a bit of the Halloween themed pearl stuff from costumes to pets and housing stuff too but 34 gigs? I also noticed that it’s not actually updating the launcher in my crimson desert remastered folder because when I use the .exe it has me re-update the launcher but if I have the installer create a shortcut it tells me to download the 34 gig update if that is what it is. Just wanted to make sure this is all intended before I download a file that size, thanks for the work you all put in.

  • Nevermind, I figured it out as far as I could tell. The installer created a completely new crimson desert remastered folder and placed the updated launcher there. So I just moved my previous install into the new directory and am now updating to the latest client patch.

  • I reinstalled the new patch and all 34 GB again to my old folder, right?

  • Well, it takes a couple of hours for me. it would be nice if someone told me beforehand. this is a really unexpected and unpleasant surprise.

  • @Standard-Six Sorry for the late reply, not sure if you’ve downloaded the entire thing or what at this point, but for anyone else who might show up on the thread with the same problem. All I did was after the launcher updated and you get an install wizard, go through the installer and allow it to create a new desktop shortcut then finish the installer. After that, right-click the new shortcut and click “file location” and it should open the new crimson desert remastered folder. I then opened a new file and located my original install and moved everything from that folder to the new one that the installer created. That solved the issue for me at least, hope it helps anyone who might have the same problem.

  • It wasn’t a question for you, I was hoping one of our developers or community managers would give me some advice …
    Yes, I had the same problem as you. When downloading the update it showed me a different folder than the one I had CDO installed on.
    So I chose my original folder, and then the download of the whole client started 34.9 GB.
    I’m going to reinstall it all over, now I’m 60 percent …

  • Lead Developer

    When you install the launcher for the first time you have to make sure to not move the directory else this will happen. We currently do NOT support updating the launcher when you move it to another directory.

    One of the solutions is just to install the launcher where you want it to be in first place and if you already have the client (the bin, bin64, paz etc) just move it to resources/client and launch the launcher.

  • So the next time I update, the same thing happens to me if I have the game installed elsewhere?

  • Because previous updates were without any problems …

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