Sharp and hard blackstone gathering like hell

  • With gathering getting hard or sharp blackstone is really low drop rate.I mean in cm nearly not has sharp and hard cuz less player and helms is the another option i know but gathering is not worth in this server i saw .Maybe hedgedog will help a little but couldnt see at pearl shop.So devs has to do something to this lifeskill for gathering drop rates.

  • I tend to agree that it can feel this way, but that is the nature of RNG. I’m not saying there are no tweaks that could help however. I’d been feeling like somewhere around 2 Sharps and 3 Hards a day was average, and that was without Blessing of Kamasylve. Now I have the blessing and the last two days have both been very long sessions, yet I only received a total of 1 sharp and 3 hards during that entire time.

    In practice, drop rates are harder to measure accurately the rarer the item – so I’m wary just simply suggesting a flat drop rate increase – but perhaps a slight buff would be just enough, like 15-20% higher drops. (if they’re a 0.5% chance, then it could be 0.6%) However, I would absolutely appreciate Bad Luck protection just like Pearl Boxes – ie. if you gather 120 times without getting a hard or 180 without a Sharp then one is guaranteed, etc.

    P.S. Keep in mind as well that while the market is a good indicator of item famine as well as popularity (I’ve never seen a single shard or Concentrated Black Stone on the new CM,) the whole economy was also just mostly reset 5 weeks ago. Theoretically that should be enough time for things to even out, but the CM was designed for a retail-sized player base, so things move more slowly here. Perhaps now that over a month has passed since then it may be a good idea to revisit rates.

  • Perhaps they should treat this more like a private server instead of a grindfest…

  • hards and sharps who needs that anyway. If you read this vermillion don’t get me wrong i appreciate remastered and all the stuff and the daily fixes but also criticism isn’t a bad thing just because a guy like utucs takes it too far. Drop rates need to be adressed. Gathering is wasted and generally drop rates are too low atm for how hard the mobs are. Especially for hards, sharps and caphras buffs need to be made.

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