A Disabled Feature Thread would help immensely!

  • @Lead-Developers Let me just start off by saying that I really appreciate what has been done here with CDO – having a fairly balanced version of the game with good rates and pearl drops is no trivial matter, and quite frankly it makes this beautiful game actually worth playing. You guys deserve some applause along with all the bug reports <3

    With all the hard work being done dev-wise on massive updates like Remastered, and community-wise with great info like the Bug Thread by @COCKROACH it dawned on me what’s missing:

    We have a bug tracker and a community bug thread, but information regarding the current state of CDO is very scattered and sometimes hard to find, especially for new players learning which systems are currently functional. Searches outside the forums often yield either old CDO updates that may no longer be current, or a plethora of BDO information that of course may not accurately apply here.

    The #1 issue that I believe makes everyone’s lives harder regarding CDO research is a lack of organized documentation on which systems are PURPOSEFULLY disabled.

    Inevitably, this means you guys end up dealing with more messages asking the same questions you’ve answered elsewhere, which I can only imagine varies from distracting to downright annoying.

    I strongly suggest posting a reference thread listing all systems which are turned off deliberately, or simply have not yet been implemented. If the thread was prominent, updated reasonably often, and easy to access by everyone, not only would a massive number of questions be answered, but you – the devs – may avoid having to answer the same ones so often with "No, that’s not a bug. I already explained it in [insert news update or thread]"


    • Cleanse (Equipment): Now enabled!

    • Cron Stone: - Disabled on all gear
      (May be used for mounts only)

    • Devour: - Disabled

    • Extraction (Outfit, for Valk’s Cry/Cron Stones): Disabled

    • Fairy’s Blessing: Disabled
      (Valk’s Cry is currently functional)

    • Stabilized Magical Black Stone: Disabled
      (Force-Enhance with regular Black Stones is enabled)

    To illustrate my case: I know as of yesterday that points 2 & 4 are intentional. I have no idea about 3, 5 & 6. Are they bugs? Imagine the community being able to look at a thread on the home page and know that anything they see listed there is not an accident, bug or glitch and should not be reported.

    I strongly believe we need this information all in one place – knowing what’s a bug and what’s intentionally omitted will save everyone involved a lot of time, headaches and unnecessary questions.

    Thanks for reading this essay, and please keep it up! This project will never be perfect – It’s a massively complex modern-day MMO. But as it continues to improve, it will feel just a little bit closer to perfection ^_^

    Once again, thank you (the whole team) for your hard work and dedication. Please know that it doesn’t go unnoticed!

  • afaik devour is meant to work

  • Gamemaster

    @RYO-kai Hello! Thank you for the work you put into this, I will forward this Idea to the Team so It wont get unnoticed.

  • @HoaqinSnowix Thank you so much! I’d love to see this community flourish, and that’s on us as much as you guys ^_^

    Let’s keep improving this project until CDO is the undisputed king of private servers!!

  • Gamemaster

    @RYO-kai Sounds good!:D

  • @shugi Thanks! Yeah, I thought so as well based on an old CDO news update, but I tried it yesterday before a TRI attempt and it did nothing… Of course I tried anyway and failed lol XD

    It’s all good though – still got my overly huge Advice of Valks from it. One good day of grinding with a dash of luck and I could hit TRI and start Caphras enhancing my main weapon :D Anyway, I’ll continue to look into it, but I don’t know if works right now.

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    As long as crons are disabled im fine.

  • yes. afaik devour is meant to work but is currently bugged. @Vermillion pls correct me if im wrong.

  • @PervertIRL All evidence I’ve seen and heard recently points to this being the case. I haven’t actually tried it though, because why spend millions on stones that aren’t supposed to work in this version? (if you’re not working on mounts)

  • Quality Assurance

    i meant crons as for weapons/armors,i dont mind for mounts

    • Fall damage: - Disabed
      (It’s annoying)

    • Ghillie hide name effect: - Disabled
      (ruins pvp and fashion)

    • Durability on gear and alchemy stones: - Disabled
      (you still have to repair after failed enhancement)

    • Dismount horse when in water: - Disabled
      (enjoy your [SEA]horse and the immaculate underwater landscapes at high speed)

    will edit this post if i think of more

    @RYO-kai feel free to add these to your post

    make sure to post in #Community-Guides subforum when finished :D

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    @COCKROACH kinda disagree with Ghillie Hide Name function,some times it takes in handy to avoid being focused by same people.

  • @COCKROACH Thanks! Despite being real observations, my little example list was just to illustrate the point. I’m totally down to compile a real list, and if I do I’ll add these :)

    The main post was suggesting that the devs consider putting the list together though, because they know what is and isn’t intentional. On second thought, if they decided that it would be easier if we (the community) put an organized list together of systems that don’t work as expected, I could compile that and alphabetize/categorize it, etc. Then they could go through and tag what’s disabled vs bugged and possibly add concise notes where necessary – seems like a great way to share the workload.

    At that point it would make sense for it to become the devs’ thread, because once it’s “complete” they could update it simultaneously when making changes to in-game systems.

    BTW, are those examples you just listed already confirmed as intentional, or just observations? I definitely love not dying from falling, and I love my gear staying at 100% Durability/Freshness ;)

  • @RYO-kai ya, the features i listed are intended features, and are permanent ideally

    i can make the intended feature list as its not really a priority for devs, its more housekeeping stuff

    i can then use the same list for my video later on so i think it will be worth while for me to compile one, or anyone.

    devour was fixed over a month ago and fairy tear works as of yesterday, however devour might need more testing if people are saying its broken now? either way

    • Fall damage: - Disabed
      (No more broken crystals from falling 10 meters :D)

    • Cron Stones: - Disabled
      (Usable for horse t9 attempts only)

    • Ghillie hide name effect: - Disabled
      (ruins pvp and costume diversity)

    • Stabilized Magical Black Stone: Disabled
      (Force-Enhance with regular Black Stones is enabled)

    • Dismount horse when in water: - Disabled
      (enjoy your [SEA]horse and the immaculate underwater landscapes at high speed)

    • Durability on gear and alchemy stones: - Disabled
      (you still have to repair after failed enhancement)

    • Outfit Extraction for Valk’s Cry/Cron Stones: Disabled
      (buy 90 day vp for valks cry)

    please post in this thread or private message me if you think i have missed some and ill add them to the list.

    ill make a second list for *enabled features if i find there are too many to list in a breif sentence

  • @COCKROACH Good to hear about the Fairy’s Blessing. I have a couple I put away in case they got fixed!

    Next time I log on I’ll see what I can come up with as far as things that don’t work…

    …Oh yeah! The Durability Enhancement option is selectable, and previews a smaller durability loss, but doesn’t appear to do anything. The durability lost is the same as usual.

    I was getting set up for some failstacking, and I was thinking of just how useful it would be to lose less durability and have a lower chance of success… When you first start enhancing and see that option, it doesn’t seem to make sense, but it’s a player’s dream while trying to push your luck building a FS. I can fully understand if it’s disabled on purpose, but I’d like to know for sure.


    • Enhancement (Durability setting): - Disabled
      (The Enhance option’s behavior is always applied)

  • Community Manager

    Fairy’s Blessing have been working as intended since the patch that went live on the 28th. :^)

  • @Vermillion fairy tear is still bugged-when reviving with fairy tear-you should respawn with 100% hp but on here we only respawn with low hp

  • @Vermillion Awesome :D

    Thanks for fixing it and letting us know!

    @COCKROACH Here are a few more (keep in mind that I’m adding these because it’s not apparent if they’re intentional):

    • Value Pack Weight Buff: - Reduced
      (Description says 200LT, only appears to give 100LT)

    • Asula’s Weakened Accessories: - Removed
      (Exchanging Asula’s Acc > Weakened Asula’s Acc via NPC does nothing)
      (Weakened versions do not appear to drop)

    Therefore, as it stands I don’t know if there’s any way to upgrade the set.

    Also, right before Remastered dropped I reformed a green armor to blue, and it worked fine. After the major update, my reformed armor literally had no DP value. Not a “0” – just no value whatsoever, and it didn’t add anything to my character’s DP. Fortunately it wasn’t a piece I’d invested a lot of time and resources into.

    I then tested a Grade 3 Reform Stone on some throwaway gear soon after Remastered released, and it did not work.

    BTW, is Item Branding supposed to affect enhancement durability loss, or only during gameplay? (If it’s the latter, of course it does nothing here in CDO except for maybe lowering repair cost. Brand stones are still available to purchase for pearls, however.)

    EDIT: Verified last night – Devour is not working, and it sounds like that is not intentional. I’ve already submitted a bug report since a search for “devour” yielded no report results.

  • @RYO-kai answering you lately, btw:
    Blue items that were green before got bugged with RM arrives. Just contact a GM and he will take your item back normally I think;
    From blue to yellow I think they don’t work because of that reason: blue items that could be green too are not supposed to exist anymore so u can’t transform them in yellow version from blue one;
    As for Asula’s enhanced pieces they are probably still under internal discussions since they also decided to not currently add the enhanced gear on drop. Asula’s pieces probably went out with them;
    Yes devour is currently not working. Probably it is not implemented as Caphras’ extraction neither was and we had to ask for it. Maybe it will come in a second moment, when the devs have more time to focus on these kind of contents.

    EDIT (cuz I forgot a question): No, branding an item does not influence his durability loss when enhancing. These items are useless in our version of the game since we do not lose durability when grinding.
    Regarding value pack, I think it got nerfed long time ago because you can get weight with supporter’s pack too.

  • Gamemaster

    I will close this Topic now.
    We made a Disabled Feature List now in our Community Guide Section please check it out. :D

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