Quick question about Value Packs

  • Hey adventurers!

    My Beauty and Merv’s Palette passes are about to expire, and I’ve seen some different things said on forum posts from the last few weeks. Before I spend the pearls, I just wanted to check with anyone who currently has an active VP – Do the buffs all work correctly, including unlimited Beauty customization?

    It was stated in a CDO news update a while back that since this is based on the Korean version, the VP does NOT include Merv’s Palette. That’s fine with me, but I want to make sure that both will work together if I buy Merv’s separately.

    (If Merv’s would be unable to be activated due to a programming conflict after using the VP for example – resulting in 30 days of not being able to see my custom dye – I’d rather just buy the Beauty and Merv’s passes separately.)

    Fashion is, of course, the endgame ;)
    Thanks in advance!

  • Value pack works fine for me, also it seems since remastered value pack actually includes merv’s palette. At least mine got extended from opening the 90D one. Please correct me if I’m wrong on that one

  • Nice, thanks for the info ^_^

    Awesome to hear Merv’s seems to be included now. Lots of great quality-of-life improvements lately, like no silver weight, etc.

    I think my passes expire in 2-3 days BTW, at which point I’ll get the Value Pack. I’ll try to remember to come back here and verify that the Beauty pass and Merv’s Palette are included :)

  • @RYO-kai if you get the VP I recommend to get the 90 day one since you get loot scrolls as well as valks cry in addition

  • True, thanks for the tip!

    I was kinda wary, though. I just tried to use a Fairy’s Blessing and it evaporated. Gone, no Valk’s enhancement chance, nothing. If the regular Valk’s Cries actually work, then the 90-day is especially worth it.

  • @RYO-kai yep, regular ones work

  • @H3NTAI VERIFIED: Value Packs do in fact extend Merv’s Palette as well as Beauty Pass! Bonuses seem to be working fine, other than the fact that I believe it only gives 100LT despite the description still saying 200LT. 16 inventory slots are unlocked as described.

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