A little buff and small quality of life for grinders

  • First of all the obvious part : Loot scroll. if you dont know what im talking about you dont play the server

    Second will be Arsha effect for crystals : losing your JIN just because the server lag or getting pushed to the ground is not a fun time

    Third i’ll say buffing the caphras drop rates on certain end game spot that doesnt have much density, like hystria for example

    upvote this suggestion or i will take your Vbucks

  • caphras in gathering loot table is not just a QoL change btw :harold:

    exquisite cron meals… never forgetii :(

  • also tent would be very nice :)

  • Up mainly for the part related to crystals
    I already lost 1 JIN please do something for it :))))) @Vermillion

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