Rework on Passive Skills

  • Shortly, I warmly suggest you to look at the latest retail patch (23th Oct) to check how Passive Skills have been reworked. You may do that right now, while you’re working on dmg changes class by class.

  • gib tamer usable passives wen

  • +6% all accuracy rate at lvl 63 i think

  • @Vermillion just to make you check the thread

  • this would require taking on a new client once again

  • @Shykid666 I dont think so

  • Please ignore my previous statement about tamer passive I am in heaven alt text
    Now we just need to get to that patch hihi

  • Community Manager


    After taking a look at the aforementioned patch notes it does indeed seem as if a client upgrade would be necessary to implement most of these changes (in regards to passives).

    While we theoretically could adjust these values server-side to match the update, there’s a limited amount of options we have available to us when it comes to modifying the client itself to match the server-side changes.

    I’m not saying that it’s impossible, but rather that the time required to implement these changes is not proportional to the impact they would have on the server.

    If we find ourselves running dry on things to fix and/or implement we could absolutely look further into this, but at the moment it’s not a viable option.

  • @Vermillion speaking on which, does it mean u guys will have 2 work on a new to bring us class traditions/successions, shai’s awakening and the upcoming class that is 2 be released soon-ish?

  • As you said, you can simply boost stats on classes from inside the code if you miss those passive skills in the tree skill (like new tamer’s passive skills.
    For existing skills, they just have to be changed and you just have to change the level requirement on it for most of them. It’s only ranger getting passive upgraded (added 200 stamina from passive skills).
    I don’t get how this could make “no impact” if you see passives. It’s like saying “hp passive/ap against mosters passive doesn’t/don’t work and we’re not going to change that because it would have no impact”. I guess you’re missunderstanding the meaning of impact in the game. You already said the same for Caphras in the gathering loot table. Can we agree it seems you don’t even follow the retail game version anymore to notice what makes the difference or not? I mean, you made us wait a couple of months more to work on the new client just to release an unawekened class that is played by 3-4 players in the server. And they chose her just becuase of the look, they didn’t even look their gameplay (like not being able to ride horses, for example, and they pretend to change it in this server. HOLY MOLY). Is that something that gives us an impact, a difference? No, it doesn’t, because from this different new client, compared to the archer one, we basically got only this useless unawakened, not working properly class.

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