Shakatu's Seals?

  • More of a question than a discussion.

    Anyone remembers these lil baddies?

    I still own a set of Shakatu’s Seals from back when there were attendance rewards.
    Is there still a way to exchange those?
    I can’t seem to find Dellus next to Shakatu,
    and the big boss himself does not take these seals either.

    @anyone from back then were you able to exchange them? and where?
    I think I remember seeing the market being flooded with nouver’s and kutum’s around the time everyone got their 30th shakatu’s seal

    Any plans on bringing those back? Disregarding any balancing intentions; having this option to get a Boss Off-Hand or other various items would be quite convenient

    or will we get the new set of rewards? Source: google: new, shakatu, seals, reddit
    or alternatively a custom set of rewards

    10 Seals
    +5 Granverre Horse armor (Choose one) | Gold Bar (RNG) Box (1kG~10kG)
    30 Seals
    PRI: Ogre | Epheria Sailboat | Epheria Sailboat Gear (Choose one)
    50 Seals
    +0 Krogdalo (Yellow) Horse Armor | Tier 8 Horse w/S: Instant Accel | TRI Blue Manos Accessory
    100 Seals
    Advice of Valks +100fs | TRI Tungrad Ring | TRI Tungrad Earring
    120 Seals
    TRI Tungrad Belt | TRI Tungrad Necklace | TRI Gold Manos Accessory | Main, Awakened, or Offhand Exchange Coupon

    i wan kutom boxx

  • Same problem. I need exchange my Shakatu’s too!
    I remember in premastered it was available, not right now.

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