Knowledge NPC

  • Can you put npc that gives these knowledge? Because right now bookshelves are not even working.

    Roaming Black Spirit just this one monster is stopping me to get 1 Energy.

    Crows this one doesnt spawn and you need to get knowledge for that monster to get 2 energy.

    Petrified laborer sculpture you can’t gain knowledge on this mob since the game started in December 2018 thats 1 energy.

    Dragon protection tower again can’t gain knowledge since dec 2018.

    Troll Siege Soldier same they’re so buggy that they get invincible and after a couple of seconds they die and floats and you dont even register the kill.

    Troll protection tower I dont even know if this one is bugged or not spent so many hours destroying this tower that i just forget about it.

    That 3 monster on Quint Hill stops you from getting 3 Energy

    Effects of the wonderful bree drug knowledge theres a questline for this but its bugged even if you got the requirement and again 1 energy is now bugged.

    Kama quest 2 the knowledge reward for the quest Oath made in the fountain of truth is bugged it will not register leaving you with 2 missing energy.

    Can you just put a NPC with that gives those knowledge? Even if you put it with 100 energy per knowledge its fine.

    Ive been waiting for those mobs to spawn or get fixed so why not just make a short cut.

  • Yes please

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