pearl box drop rate

  • if i am to beleave hwang and their is drop rate of pearls at navarn steepe their chance are so low that is appears that they dont drop at all i mean 20 hours grinding their and no pearl box? so im guessing the chance is 000000.1% chance or something so please increase drop rate at navarn steepe

    every 1 pls post ur findings in this matter how many do u find in navarn steepe area?

    please dont lock give a chance for people to see and speak ty.

  • @spudik Pearl boxes drops have been discussed over and over again. And over and over it has been said they are global. There are people who seem to not get any in one location, while others seem to get them frequently. Sadly, it’s all RNG.

  • i understand rng but not find 1 in 10 hours of grinding isnt rng something is wrong lol

  • yes . is a problem there ! but the dev dont go farm there and see he will not drop any box…

  • Community Manager

    The Pearl Box is a global drop, they do indeed drop from the mobs present within the Navarn Steppe as previously mentioned stated by both me and Hwang on several occasions.

    It is important to consider the amount of mobs you are able to kill in certain areas as opposed to other areas inside the game, if you are able to kill 1 mob on the Navarn Steppe each 20 seconds as opposed to being able to kill a hundred mobs in Sausan Garrison in the same span of time, I am sure you can see which location will be preferable to grind for pearls in.

    This will be the final thread we lock on the matter, further attempts to continue this discussion may result in the creator being unable to participate in further forum discussion for an indefinite length of time.

    We appreciate threads containing thoughtful suggestions on how we can improve certain aspects of the game, however, denying our claims without basis for doing such is nothing but tiresome and does very little to help the issue.

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