Money Making Suggestions

  • Hi, Guys!

    Do you have a money making suggestions in here? I tried watching youtube for the official BDO money making but its not working in this private server except for the basic gathering thing but the market is not that fast selling method.

    Do you guys open all nodes to farm workers?

  • On weekends we have golden event and RBF event. If you dont mind messing around in rbf for 15 mins, then you can get 20mils for lost and 30mils for win.

    In gathering you can quite a lot of fairy powder, which can go up to 25-40m/h depending on your gathering level and RNG.

    Selling wanted items like blackstones and memory fragment cold bring you some silver.

    Cooking /alchemy is a little behind because of no imperial and also prices on CM are low for most of the foods, but some are still quite nice.

    I only use some nodes with my workers, those that are rare and also some just so my workers can bring something.

  • oh so ill just remove my nodes then. but in RBF, i cant stand a chance in any fight. im just… a … total… newbie…

    ohh btw, whats that golden event?

  • @squire14
    During golden event, you can get these 3 items from Grinding, gathering and fishing:

    In RBF, it doesn’t mind your skill level to get rewards. As soon as u can survive that pain, u will get them. Spamming that during all the weekend can guarantee you a good income

  • that sounds scary O_O
    is there a timeframe for that RBF? i wanna try that tho hehehe

  • @squire14 It lasts 15 mins. During weekend, it starts every moment, so you can check when one will end by pressing ESC -> Red Battlefield and, after that, just join for next one

  • but that 20m for the lost, whats the conditions? like i died many times or i joined a loosing team?

  • idk if you play on EU or NA, buit on eu we have rbf running one match after another. There is noconditions, only level56+ and be active - move and hit someone or be hitted
    If you dont move for some time you will be kicked out (you also get warning before that happens)
    Everyone on the team get the reward

  • oh i thought loosing team got a -20M :O

    gonna try it now… eeek


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