• Can we all agree that gather is a waste of time and energy ? and it needs to get buffed ?

  • yup yup yup

  • Totaly agree. I mean you get kinda decent silver from fairy powder, but, rare drops and specialy shards are not so great. Doesnt feel rewarding, i know its just smashing R over and over, but it is still time we invest in it

  • It’s not about “being hard”, but without hards/sharps nobody can progress. Since we don’t have manos gear, it would be interesting to get a boost, increasing by levels. Not a flat buff, but a scaling one.

  • wow, I’ve been pushing hard for other life skills to get some love and now I see gathering which is excellent money (but perhaps not compared to RBF if you can get games) seemingly needs a buff.

    Hey, I’m all for getting cash from all kinds of sources involving active gameplay.

    Anything which uses energy should for sure give amongst the highest rewards in game silver per hour.

    That said I would like to see other lifeskills get buffed and prices on market place increased with Dev intervention on MIN and MAX prices to encourage people to start selling stuff again.

    Cooking, Alchemy and Fishing need Help before Gathering as the imperial systems are disabled but when those are improved and market prices for meals and potions are raised then I don’t mind Gathering getting another buff.

  • @Orkan they simply have to reapply old values from the previous market for foods/elixirs. They were enough. They also have to fix the price’s flow on market, which is flat for now; it doesn’t go up, it doesn’t go down. I think it’s faster to reapply older values they have from the old market, than making a chart for gathering’s droprate. We’ve also been asking that for two weeks at least. We’re still waiting.

  • @Orkan I am in support of every lifeskill getting boost, but for some reason its not happening. Either that is not what they indent or they are busy with other things.

    Gathering is just the most used lifeskill, and also source of shards needed for gear progression.

    Month ago i did rather indept post on lifeskilling, asking for tweeks on every lifeskill, and on most of my suggestion the manos gear was the answer, BUT we dont have that now, no clue when it will hit us.
    Another answer was RM, and after that we could see big progress in hunting, but setback for cooking and alchemy CM prices, and horses are still not where the were before.

  • @RedMoon Yes I agree I made a custom post and suggested some pricings in the ‘fix economy’ thread but you are correct. Reapplying pre-remastered prices as MAX, and MIN would be a good starting point.

    I think they should go a bit further and raise min sell prices to like 200,000 MIN on key food items like balenos, serendia, margoria, arehaza, etc and the key potion and draught buffs as well as raise Crons meals to 1.5 mill MIN.

    These buffs last a long time and even with the present CDO gathering silver rates a player can very easily afford to pay a quarter mill for a buff that lasts them an hour and a half without cutting into their expected profits.

    I am sure they are working on their priorities first but I hope they will get round to sorting out the problems with the prices on the market soon.

    Players simply cannot afford to lose the value of their stashed stock at the current prices.

  • Well gathering is probably the easiest one to buff. We could get something as simple as an increase in hards/sharps and the addition of caphras(spirit dust) drops.
    I guess other lifeskills are hard to balance

  • yes
    @Vermillion caphras in gathering loot table wen

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