am i banned for any reason, i can't start the game and i have tried everything...

  • hello, can anyone help me figure out what is my problem , cause i stop play before the remastered update and everything was fine, now i can’t simple start the game. i did take install of the game client step by step to avoid any mistake, and after trying everything i end up formating my desktop in a low level format and install the windows 8.1 again, i have a i7 with 2.50ish GHz ,16 Mb ram, ssd drive for the operational system and 1 TB of second disk storage, AsusRog, now all devices in the desktop are update to the latest setttings .
    i can login the launcher but when i press play nothing happends…
    thanks for any help…
    ps: my windows is 8.1

  • Quality Assurance

    If you were banned you would still be able to start the game but not be able to get past the server select screen.
    Some time around September 18th the server and client was updated to a newer version. Did you download and install from
    Does your launcher look like this? alt text
    If it doesn’t then you may be using the wrong files. If it does look like that then you could try scrolling to the bottom of and check your drivers, and make sure you have all the vc++ redistributes and .net framework drivers. If none of that helps you maybe a GM could try to help you.

  • @Wood thank you so much for your help, but i just solve this big journey i had, that got me to format my intire laptop several time and reload everything again, i really don’t know exatly what did i do to solve this, but the last thing i was trying was instead of deleting the cache files on windows Documents folder i just edit the resolution settings on it cause i discover that the launcher does not save the setting i alter on it, so i was trying to force the launcher to save what i want .
    in my case, i started to change the default resolution to other
    size, saved the notepad document and restart the game, eh voilá…

  • Due to new protection that was included in our remastered update, it sometimes might take a couple tries to launch the game.

    Will be locking this as the issue has been resolved.

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