A question to other Shai players about the bugs.

  • So it appears that I’ve witnessed few bugs already:

    Some attacks just refuse to damage at all. I can clearly see a mob is being hit (hear too), but health haven’t decreased at all.
    And, the most frustrating bug so far, her shift+q doesn’t seem to work as it should. It doesn’t block anything, pretty much. Not even a projectile. Am i doing something wrong or I don’t understand the skill fully?
    Cause as a description says, it should protect from attacks outside the area, therefore sniper mobs or archers shouldn’t hurt or kill anyone inside of it.

    I’d add, probably, that her SA is working weirdly, but afaik it’s not only her problem.

    Anyone else who witnessed this bugs?

  • there were some evasion and accuracy changes in the latest patch, could have something to do with why u sometimes miss

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