More suggestions

  • You guys are on fire with the new updates keep it up <3

    That being said i’ve thought about a few other suggestions. Because i don’t know how much of bdo’s code you guys have figured out some suggestions might seem a bit more severe.

    • This is more of a reminder than anything but… add hards/sharps to endgame spots or even midgame to the loot table pls

    • Idk about you guys, but i don’t think melting everyone is actually fun, how bout reducing pvp damage so it actually kind of makes people use their brain a little? kind of band-aid but it’s necessary. Any class that doesn’t rely on ccs to do dmg is actually dominating the meta. (Bias bc lahn hehe… pls remove archer ty)

    • Boost fishing, add more items to the drop table please. Most grinders in retail rely on fishing to get money when not grinding (Relics dont sell here at all) If you could please boost it to match the economy’s standard that would be great.

    • Increase World boss timers to 20 mins instead of 15. Currently kutum, karanda, and many other bosses still need a few more minutes to kill, sometimes we luck out and kill kutum barely seconds before it despawns but please!!! that would be awesome.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, this server will go far places just with the couple stuff that you guys have added recently, makes the server 10x better.

    Ignore these or listen to me, anything is fine. (except fishing, buff fishing) :(

  • thx for the RBF buff makes the economy better for new players to get gear fast/buy what they need, as in my case I buy accessories and enhance

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