Adding this items via monster drops

  • As you know this items from kamasylvia is un-obtainable via normal means. And I know that Lifeskilling Stuff is way way way back on the list of things that will get fixed so can we get these as a drop on mobs?

    • Rainbow Button Mushroom you can gather them in Polly Forest via gathering using a hoe but you can’t in CDO but you can gather them on corpses of the Mushroom Monsters in Polly Forest but the rate of getting Rainbow Button Mushroom is not that high even if you get them you only get one piece (1) at a time I tried killing 1000 mushroom monster and gather them using Hoes and I got 540 rainbow button mushroom.

    • Gathering the corpses using hoe doesn’t drop hards and sharps but they drop another item called Dead Tree Essence this item is needed for creating Spirit Perfume Elixir but if you look at recipe you need Violet Flowers.

    • Violet Flower you can gather them normally using Hoe in Kama map but in CDO you can’t the only way you can get this item is completing a Daily Quest which gives you 3 pieces per day this item is needed to create Spirit Perfume Elixir and Looney Elixir.

    My suggestion is adding Rainbow Button Mushroom as a drop when you kill those Mushroom Mobs in Polly Forest and adding Violet Flowers as a drop when you kill Ranaros mobs. I mean they can add Gyfin Scrolls on mobs why not these items?

    The Loopy Tree Sap is actually fine? I guess? because you can get them via node.

  • Also add the Dead tree essence to Ronaros

  • Dead tree essence is like the hards and sharps when you gather dead mushroom mobs.

    I killed 1000 and got 540 rbm and 16 pcs of dead tree essence.

  • @Kriezelia My bad… didnt know that

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