Cooking and Alchemy Exp Bug ?

  • Hallo!

    • Due I haven’t play BDO for a long time, I’m not sure if exp gaining is different now, or is a bug.
      Everytime that I try to “Cook” beer it has a chance to get the experiences, what that means, only sometimes I get experiences from each process / craft, normally if you make 5 process / craft you will obtain experiences for each one, but now , It has a probability to get experience for each process / craft, and yeah, mats is consumed and craft is crafted, but the thing is that I’m not gaining the whole experience. (Only tested with Beer made from potato/corn/wheat)

    • Alchemy Life skills is not getting Experiencie from crafting some potion as well, is that normal? (tested doing by-product with HP potions) -

    • Didn’t want to submit it to the Bug tracker since I’m not sure if exp gaining is different, or is a bug, But I will submit it. (and sorry my english is not that good)

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