Get notifications of new forum posts on discord

  • Always wanna stay up to date with current topics in the CDO world? Wanna stalk people 24/7 without keeping the forum open in one tab? No? I will teach you how to do it anyways, if you want it or not.

    Here we go:

    • Go to your Discord server’s settings and select “Webhooks”
    • Select “Create Webhook”
    • Choose a name, a channel where the messages will be posted in and select an image if you want, then save
    • Go to and log in/register
    • Click on “This” and search for “RSS Feed” in the list
    • Select “New feed item”
    • if you only want to get notified of announcements insert this link:
    • if you want to get notified of every new opened topic choose this one:
    • Click on “Create trigger” then “That”
    • search for “Webhooks” then “Make a web request”
      URL: go to your webhooklist on discord, select “edit” then copy the webhook URL on the bottom
      Method: POST
      Content Type: application/json
    { "username":"Name of your webhook Which You Selected Earlier", "content":"@everyone [{{EntryTitle}}] {{EntryUrl}}" }

    Replace @ everyone with any message you want

    And that is all. Save and wait for a new post to test it. The site updates roughly every 30 minutes so you might not get a notification immediately.

    If you want to @ a role use
    Replace 12345 with the role ID you want to @
    Get the role ID by using @role or rightclicking the role in the list und copying the ID

  • can we give @H3NTAI the mvp / [en] helper role?

    can we give me the scouter role for scouting him out? kek

  • Can we give @shugi a wholesome role pls ty

  • @Vermillion some rly good suggestions here

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