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  • I was recently looking at some guides and huge thanks
    to @Hush for making leveling guide for newbies. I really feel great even when grinding my first character. level 30 after 30 minutes.
    However I got into one zone called saunil camp at 38 level(which is exactly level that was stated in guide). When I got there all mobs had purple names on them and even when I killed them, which was very hard cause one saunil archer needed 3 luthragon’s call and shit ton of basic attacks, I didn’t get much exp. It doesn’t seem anybody states the problem that these mobs give so small amounts of exp. I could have aswell stayed in khuruto caves. Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to make guide seem bad or be kind of pussy on the forum in the first 72 hours of playing the game but just wanna know if it is naturally harder to get exp after 37th so basically at 38th level or was it some kind of event or maybe penalty I got that I don’t even know about. I heard this game is quite balanced in terms of pve and there is no big differences in exp gains as long as two locations are near each one in terms of level requirement. This higher level simply seems like something hard to grind and in the same time not rewarding. Am I missing some kind of passive reducer or similar thing. Just wanna know cause if it is like that from saunil camps and on I could aswell just start story quests. No point in grinding bad exp farms…

  • @SonnyHD1080p saunil camp should only be lvl 41+ unless you have a lot of accuracy

  • @SonnyHD1080p go to the owls at the top of the map until you hit lvl 42 isb

  • @LunareEcho Thank you very much? Does that mean I will get more exp once I get level 42 in saunil camp?

  • @SonnyHD1080p you wont get more xp but the faster u kill the better

  • @SonnyHD1080p its worked for me as archer was too easy - like this

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