Black Stones (Armor) is disappearing from Warehouse

  • Hey!

    I’m having a problem with CM, when I try to buy Black stones (armor) it is disappearing from the warehouse in front of my eyes. I tried it 3 times.

    1. Bought 10 black stones (armor), check at warehouse, and the item disappears in my face, check my money and was charged.

    2. I thought maybe is a little bug that will just happens once, I bought 10 Black stones (armor) again, check the warehouse, items disappears in my face, check money and was charged.

    3. I checked my inventory, storage, whole warehouse (scrolling down) everything, and give it a last try, I bought 1 Black Stone (armor) and again, nothing in my warehouse, and item is charged.

    Edit: I tried closing the game, switching character and switching server, nothing.

    I have to sorry about my english.~~

    Sorry please close Topic, is bugged, it looks like you bought it, but automatically it changes as an order.

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