Cooks and Meal Traders - Sell your Food for Max listing price and undercut by 1 silver each relist...

  • Greetings ALL o/

    We now have a new Marketplace and its time to wait for a little while until our economy stabilises.

    This post is meant for those players who cook, trade food and use food in order to help everyone and allow players who put in the effort to gather, cook and make meals get a fair price for their work.

    1) When listing your food. do so in ones and twos and list for MAX price so we can get food back up to where it should be.

    we should be aiming for food to sell for 200,000 silver a meal price range.


    EG Balenos Meals:
    Helps gather faster. Gathering on this server is MASSIVELY buffed. it is possible on a high gathering level to gather 14 fairy dust for just one energy. That is 140,000 silver in just one lucky gather! You will make your money back in seconds even if you pay 200,000 for the meal.

    Cooks are spending time to gather mats and put this together. Help them earn a bit more by being willing to pay a touch more for your buff. Cooking is not buffed here and with no IMPERIAL DELIVERY help them by giving a bit back. You will make your money back many times over and they help you gather quicker.

    This same philosophy goes for all meals.

    They take time to gather the various ingredients and cook all the individual parts and make so please be generous and be willing to pay a bit more for them - it is best for everyone.

    2) Cooks and Traders Listing meals:

    PLEASE DO NOT LIST for minimum or standard price or undercut by too much. Let us aim to have meals selling around the 200,000 price point before remastered came out.

    When you want your stack to be bought manually undercut the present price by 1 SILVER ONLY PLEASE and not set min or other massive undercut, this just hurts all cooks who want a fair price for their food. Your food will be bought at min price or max so keep the price high.

    We can still be competetive and earn fair money for the effort cooking players have to do in order to make meals.

    Thanks for reading, I encourage discussion and your opinions below.

    Just remember Gathering is THE BEST MONEY MAKER in CDO in terms of energy exchange and cooking has no Imperial Delivery system to generate additional good money.

    It is up to us as players to help out by being willing to pay VERY Affordable Prices for buffs we use all the time.

  • @Orkan I think you have a misconception, prices don’t go up if stuff is listed at max price, prices go up depending on how many people are buying nvm i understood what you meant now.

  • Additional Info, apparently the MP is bugged right now in terms of MAX and MIN price ranges. Please apply my advice once things gets settled down - but I will keep listing a few items at max price just to keep raising the average price of cooked goods if that will help.

    I have sold some meals for a depressing 33,000 and am hoping to keep pushing the price up.

    listing at min would just be really bad for those who make these meals

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