Gyfin Temple Spots changes

  • So I’ve been trying to grind in Gyfin spots for a while now and I want to leave some suggestions that would make this place worth to exist
    As it is now, most of the spots are made by Gyfin Statues and a maximum of 3/4 mobs worth to be killed to get loots like Valtarra Belt
    With that in mind, my suggest is to:

    • Change area population, replacing statues with Crusher/etc;
    • Add more mobs at all: as they deal less damage and are less tanky than retail, it can become a quite good spot both as solo and in party and he would compete with Manshaum and Crescent that rn are best places to grind
      I would appreciate if you want to share your thoughts - if you already tried this spot - and if you think you would change something in a different way than I suggested
      Wanted to add something about Mirumok too, but rn I forgot what i wanted to say kek will edit tomorrow prob

  • Yes less statues please…more mobs… you cant pull many mobs and they’re too far from each other.

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