Like bruh... for real aka question #558538

  • I don’t want to seem like a massive cunt. I understand that players have/had issues getting on their characters, etc. But pearlshop when? Me and tons of other people are just waiting to reroll and/or see the new outfits! Do you have an ETA on that? Like some less rough estimation than “After we resolve existing issues” or something like that? Do you think you could make it until next week? I’m kinda bruh… about this… kinda triggered but… I believe in you guys… Good luck, I hope I survive until the day pearl shop actually comes! :)

  • making em say a date seems like a bad idea to me. We all know how that usually goes

  • @H3NTAI They tried to meet a deadline… and well this “remastered” happened

    I honestly dont mean to bash or throw salt at them. Just feels rushed a bit, this might actually have a huge negative effect in the future of cdo.

  • @H3NTAI I mean sure, but I’d like to see a rough estimation. I don’t want to hear “we’re tryin to help players that can’t access their characters”. I’d like to know how many of these issues are there. How big is the scale. And I’m pretty sure they should be able to fit in a week long time frame. Even if they don’t manage to resolve all the player issues. They could just meet the pearl shop deadline. Idk… As I said, I don’t want to push them or spread negativity. I just like to be informed about shit, y’kno.

  • They had over 2 weeks of PTR testing time to implement the pearlshop, but even there they dont do that and that was my reason to dont play the PTR testing time. It seems to me that they had only 1 who work on coding and stuff but idk i just wannt a tent and a new skin -.-

  • @ToX0 yea it’s true there is only one developer in cdo team, and the project is not a priority, so that’s why everything is delayed till this day.

  • i was not in the ptr(quited like in april adn i was waiting for remaster) we get remaster i want get value pack weight bla bla or archer for the reroll RIP Pearl Shop BRUH. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • @ChaoticChaos maybe now that weekend is over they will do something. I messaged Vermillion about a game breaking bug but have yet to hear from them all weekend so

  • The ETA will be between 2 weeks and 2 months, cheers!
    I have had only 2 big delays in my life, one of them was my when I was a kid my dad told me once you grow up, you will be rich af!
    And the 2nd is believing this staff to bring an actual working remastered after months of waiting…
    Both of those hopes are based on fairytales.

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