• I know you guys have a lot going on. But this is the main reason a lot of people quit in the past. No transparency. Just post something informing the players of what’s being worked on, and how the progress is going. This server has so much potential. Just need some communication. Mainly we just want to know what the progress on the Market and the pearl shop is. Just let us know something.

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  • @FoulXD +1

    (but still a waste of time nothing will change)

  • I mean hwangie is writing on forums what more do you want baka

  • @jerycho007 An actual announcement on the progress of what’s being currently fixed. All he would have to do is relay the information to an Admin and they could write the announcement. I don’t think an update on the progress of things is too much to ask for. The silence of the Devs for weeks at a time is what killed the server before. I really want this server to get populated due to how good the rates are on here. If people see that the Devs are actively communicating and showing progress, then people are more likely to stick around/return.

  • @FoulXD agreed

  • @FoulXD When the devs have to keep making announcements how far the progress is then they lose a lot of time they could use to work on fixing bugs making new content etc. Beside that I think the CDO Team is transparent enough.

  • what time?? like what 10min max to type a paragraph on forums?? how many bugs can you possibly fix in 10min? I agree with you @FoulXD Just saying “a few days” for the pearl shop to be up is kinda just…not good enough.
    I honestly think they should put the original mp back, because im sure that’s what’s causing bugs in the first place. Central Market not even all that, feels like they adding it just to flex on other servers. I just want pearl shop again and i will qq until i see it!

  • @Vyron Oh, right, that’s why we are having a maintenance every 10 minutes to fix bugs that are ruining game experience to a lot of people, pearl shop is working and CM is perfect…
    Oh, wait.
    I’m not a programmer, I have no clue on what’s behind that, on the time it requires to fix every single bug or to release a content.
    However, as a player and supporter, I would like to know what’s going on. Now 4 days have passed and what did we get? Nothing at all. Login issues have been fixed yesterday morning but all the rest of the bugs are still here. People getting their char locked just by walking into a water area, or just by relogging in the wrong place. Others just keep crashing cause they missclicked and opened friend list.
    We have no idea what’s going on both with Pearl Shop and CM. We are just waiting and playing.
    But u know, most of the player base just came back after months so I believe most of them don’t have access to Kamasylvia blessing and EXP Book. New players, instead, are just starting without Pets - and u know how important pets are in this game -. I wonder who would actually play without pets for 4 days just waiting for some news or smth.
    Plus, all the quests somehow are now written in Korean so you are forced to look for guides or just randomly follow the navigator hoping it is a stupid quest that requires u to talk with someone or to kill something.
    And, please, don’t say “just wait it to get fixed and then come back” cause this is not a real answer.
    Two days ago, they said “In a couple of days you will be able to get items lost with the old market”. Well, two days are passed and we are still waiting.
    “A couple of days” is relative, of course, but what about just saying “it will take a bit more, since we are focusing on x, y, z right now”

    I’m an active player cause I enjoy grinding on this game afterall, but having contents correctly working would not be bad at all, u know.

  • @Vyron The Developers are NOT transparent enough. I started on this server in December of 18. All was good for 2 months, then boom, no word form devs or admins for a week. That turned into 2 weeks, then it was promised time frames for Kama release, when the date rolled around, they pushed it back 2 weeks. When that date rolled around. Guess what? Another 2 week delay. And then when that 2 weeks was up, BAM another delay, except this time there wasn’t a time frame. Back in January the Devs said that Remastered was expected to be released late February early march. 7 months+ later, we get Remastered with Kama and the Market place doesn’t work and the pearl shop is closed. I’m not asking for a kidney here, I just want some sort of progress updates. Like I said in a different post, Hawng could literally tell an admin what progress he has made and that admin could then write an announcement on here for us all to see. Writing out that the market will be back up in the coming days is NOT transparency. Make one once a day. Hell, he could do it at the end of the day before he goes to sleep and that wouldn’t cut out time from him working on anything.

  • @RogueAvengerTTV Facts! That’s all I’m asking for. Just once a day, some form of progress update. it sucks sitting here just “waiting”.

  • Gamemaster

    Hey Guys! Thank you all for your input/suggestions. I will forward it to the Team.

  • Imagine everyday writing 5 sentences about how the updates and fixes are comming up. I would even prefer knowing that staff were busy with RL stuff and there was no progress done on that day, than just sitting here and waiting if anything gonna happen or not.

  • @RogueAvengerTTV That’s All I want lol.

  • Wtf happened to TJ?

    Can someone actually make a statement about Marcus?

    I feel like he was here long enough and he put enough effort to to at least be given a respectful goodbye announcement and not sweep him under the rug like another CDO issue.

  • Here we go again …

  • Gamemaster

    @Skye Who said that he is no longer part of the team?^–^

  • @HoaqinSnowix Prob the fact that he had left the CDO discord before it closed down and me asking him on discord myself.

  • Lack of communication killed cdo. Okay then you know jack shit.

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