Will we get back..?

  • Heya dear Crimson Desert Team, First of all i wanted to thank everbody of you for your great work. Remastered version is out and so far (with a little flaws here and there) it feels really good and i enjoy the world of Crimson Desert now even more!

    But there is still one Question i have since i wanted to enhance my Gear today, and i realized that the Npc right next to the Blacksmith (Priest) is gone :o . And i wanted to ask if we get this Npc back since he is a really strong “Quality of Life” Npc in the World of Crimson Desert.

    Keep up the good Work :)) Kindest regards

  • Gamemaster

    @Aexll Hey! Until we put him there again you could go to the original spot of this NPC which is inside the church of Velia.

  • @HoaqinSnowix oh i diddnt knew about that, thank you really much :)

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