About the loot filter and boss timer and the ESC menu.

  • I feel like if you could make a GUI for the loot filter, people would be really happy.

    How this ties in with boss timer - well - the ‘old’ boss timer was accessible through the map only.

    While I’m not against a button in the map window, I would also like a button in the ESC menu to access the boss timers. They should also show ‘past’ bosses, right now they vanish when for example NA spawns after EU, even though the EU bosses are still up we don’t see them in the list anymore.

    Right now the settings menu is really swamped in my opinion. A couple of ideas:

    • remove unused functions
    • add a “report bug” button that links right to the website
    • add a button to enter a loot filter GUI
    • add a button for boss timers here too
    • maybe show online users here somewhere? that’d be a neat thing!

  • Head Gamemaster

    @Qinvyre Greetings! Thank you so much for your suggestion! I think we could bring some of ideas into consideration.

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