Remastered Release Information

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    The long awaited remastered content update is just around the corner, and with it comes months of development effort in order to reestablish ourselves as the premier Black Desert Online Private Server. The test period we ran on the Public Test Realm went beyond our expectations, it allowed us to fix not only issues which have previously plagued the project, but also new ones which popped up as a result of the updated client.

    Furthermore, during the Public Test Realm testing session we simultaneously ran artificial tests in order to gauge the performance of both our software and hardware during varying degrees of load, which allowed us to further tune the server performance in preparation for the full release.

    In the last couple of days leading up to today’s events we have been putting our full effort towards cleaning up the bug tracker alongside porting the remainder of our custom systems to the latest client, this has resulted in a bunch of fixes coming bundled with this update which previously have not been seen on the Public Test Realm either.

    A full change-log will be posted shortly following this announcement.

    In order to merge the existing data with the new format used in the latest client, the following systems will be disabled upon release.
    They will be reintegrated into the client in the days following the release of this update.

    • Challenges/Rewards (Y)
    • Pearl Shop (F3)
    • Titles

    In order to properly prepare our services and hardware configuration for the upcoming release we will be reserving the time-span between 14:00 UTC+0 and 18:00 UTC+0 for maintenance.

    Services such as: Launcher (Live), Launcher (PTR), Live Channels and PTR Channels will be taken offline during this period as we complete the necessary upgrades.

    Once the maintenance has been completed you will be able to log into Live using the client you previously used to connect to our PTR with.
    The launcher currently in use by the Live version of the game has been discontinued and will be deprecated once the maintenance begins.

    We are very excited to share everything that we have been working on so make sure to keep an eye out for that change-log!

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