If we are getting RM...

  • Was wondering if we get RM by tomorrow, what time is it gonna be ? :D
    and the devs still haven’t answered anything about the tent, all Xena said on server chat was go and make a suggestion on the site which is being totally ignored…
    I havn’t seen her myself saying that tent is a p2w thingie, but since people have seen her saying that, I’ll take it as ’ yes ’ she said it, so could you please explain how is the tent p2w ?
    since the tent is needed only for villa buff that would save us like 10-20 minutes at least of travel just to get it and go back to Kama, while you guys have the Teleport that comes with the premium subscription which is gonna be an exact p2w if the tents aren’t up since it’s gonna give the subscriber an advantage of not wasting time and grind instead of traveling all the way just to re-take the villa buff…

    I’m getting actually confused here, you guys won’t add a feature that would make the best balance between premium and non-premium players, and the reason for not implementing it is P2W!

  • Community Manager

    We did provide an response in the original topic on this point as can be seen here: https://community.crimsondesert.online/topic/223/sd-on-full-release-this-18th-and-also-what-about-tents/13

    Locking this thread as it is a duplicate, please continue any discussion regarding the tent topic in the aforementioned thread.

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