SD On Full Release this 18th ?!!...And Also What About 'TENTS' ?!

  • -Can we get answers over:

    1-SD Implementation on full live release.
    2-Tents and where they stand in the Game.

  • SD was fixed way back on old PTR but there likely won’t be any auto sell.
    It is common knowledge that tents are pay to win that is why they will never be implemented, unlike a lootfilter that is subscriber only

  • @H3NTAI How are Tents P2W when anyone can literally grab’em from the Shop for about 1K pearls :D
    not to mention covering that much distance to just grab a buff and run all the way say to Kama is kinda Dumb by the time u get there ur buffs are almost depleted

  • it is a feature they want u to paly more

  • Can someone explain how p2w tents are? Becasue as PHILO said anyone can get pearls by killing mobs so I don’t see how can someone think that. It’s not even like you are buying a TRI liverto off the store or something. Keep in mind the definition of p2w = gain an advantage over a f2p player that is otherwise unobtainable with in-game currency. By that definition its the donation packs that were p2w but w/e I’m fine with the new system.

  • @Xena would u be so kind 2 enlighten us plebian players how tents are p2w while pets / artisans aren’t?

  • Really Tent a p2w feature?

    Yeah in “Retail” pearl item tent is a p2w feature because of villa buffs? but it’s CDO were talking about where pearl is easy to get.

    First in CDO the durability for weapon and armor is only for enchanting in PVE it never goes down but if CDO Remaster comes will it change? If so then yes we need tents and what about the new lifeskill equipment (i.e loggia and Dostter) does their durability go down every time you gather something if yes is the answer then we need tent.

    I have 467 energy in CDO so I really want to know because if the lifeskill equipment dura goes down should I invest on those items or just stick to Shining lifeskills items.

  • @H3NTAI I feel like Everyone missed on the irony you tryed to put into it.

  • yes tents are 2 gud 4 us scrubs.

  • @SnowQueen yea but I did have a good laugh thanks to that :P

  • @SnowQueen I dnt think anyone missed on that honestly :D It’s just that at this point we need proper justifications to why this is truly being considered as such.

    For months now we talked about it first hand with ‘‘CDO’s DEV_Team’’ mainly on our discord server when it used to be up, and at some point it seemed like we convinced them otherwise…Since everything the community mentioned so far is nothing but valid arguments, ones that are actually both accurate and logical and couldn’t possibly effect the game negatively in any shape or form.

    Communication is needed and we’re more than happy to hear their reasoning on taking such approach.

    As confusing this might actually be, From a Dev’s perspective there could be other aspects to this that we’re missing, and we simply wanna hear’em out.

  • Gamemaster

    @PHILO point to where we said tents are p2w? Last time I checked Hwang was working on them?

  • Community Manager

    To further elaborate on what @A-Cinnabon said;

    We have taken a look at tents and approximated the amount of time and effort required to implement, as it stands right now they will be implemented at some point in the future but they are not our primary concern at the moment.

    Once we have addressed the more pressing mechanics which are currently not functioning as intended we will initiate the process of adding quality of life features such as the tent.

  • @Vermillion one could argue tent is more of a necessity than a qol due to the sheer distance between kama n lohan’s villa…

  • @Vermillion we want tents

  • @Merry93 @Vermillion tbh if tents might take a while to implement i wouldn’t be against just copying the villa buff npc to a nice place in kama untill tens can be implemented

  • What’s wrong with tents? It’s a must for the quality of life. If you add Kama, you also need villa buffs. Imagine doing 16 mins at least of manual ride from a villa to a Kama spot. Is it really so hard to fix the tent and make it work properly? Do you really want to release a remastered version with a part of included features not working correctly/being released?

  • @RedMoon Why do you need villa buffs for Kama?o.O

  • There is still the payed feature of “home” … you can save time at least on one run from the villa to kama.

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