How to submit a Ban Appeal

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    How to submit a Ban Appeal

    The Crimson Desert Online management team is accepting a one-time only ban appeal from users who have 1 (one) suspension on their account (Forum/In-Game), to give those users a fair chance to get back to the game or the Crimson Desert Online forum if they regret their past actions, or if they are strong in their belief that their suspension was absolutely unwarranted.


    ※All Ban Appeals are to be posted in the Ban Appeal section on our website via the Help Desk.

    ※ Submitting a Ban Appeal is not a guarantee as we review each and every case on a case-by-case basis.

    ※ Furthermore, even if your Ban Appeal goes through you may find restrictions placed upon your account unless we deem the suspension to be an error on our behalf.

    ※ We reserve ourselves the right to remove any progress from a previously banned account which we may deem as illegitimate, be that in the form of EXP, Wealth, Items or other forms of progress.

    ※ This also means that if these users get yet another suspension on their account (Forum/In-Game), it will be swift and indisputably permanent.

    Accentuation: One, and only one, ban appeal can be submitted per banned account. Subsequent appeals are going to be rejected automatically, and will hinder or even make the first ban appeal completely void for acceptance.


    [Topic Title] Forum / In-Game Ban (Or both; After specifying the type of the suspension, make absolute sure to provide every information available at your disposal according to the form below)

    • Forum Account Email Address:

    • Game Account Email Address:

    • Family Name:

    • Character Name (Main):

    • Reason for the ban: <Must be as descriptive as it can get, include as much iformation as possible>

    • Evidence for the ban:

    • Evidence against the ban:

    There is a lot of information required for an appeal to be even taken into consideration. If you value your account and regret your past decisions, you will make sure to do everything in your power to get your account back.

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