Forum Rules

  • Head Gamemaster

    Forum Rules

    These rules are here to ensure that the server stays a fun and safe place for all players. Failing to abide by the rules will result in either a warning or a temporary ban from the forums depending on the severity of the offense.

    1) Be Polite.

    Any behavior that is obviously meant to negatively influence the server and others will result in a punishment. This includes spamming, disrespecting other members, threatening, arguing, drama, malicious intents, rioting, raiding, hate speech, sexism, extremism, etc.

    2) Don’t impersonate others.

    Using images of other people and claiming to be those people is strictly forbidden.

    3) Don’t share personal information of any server members.

    This includes names, locations, ages, messages, etc. If the user hasn’t made it public themselves, this is not your information to spread.

    4) Don’t post inappropriate material.

    No links, images, videos (including profile pictures) that might display content which is generally considered to be NSFW (included, but not limited to excessive violence, gore or adult-oriented content); Phishing scams, viruses or any sort of malware hidden behind messages are also not tolerated.

    5) Stick to the topic of the forum category.

    Each category serves its purpose. Small side-tracking within the forum post is allowed, however it is strongly advised to stay on the topic of the category and the forum post.

    6) No Posting on Alternate Accounts While Being Banned.

    Players who are banned from the forums may not make posts on alternate accounts. This will result in an immediate and permanent account and IP ban.

    7) Controversial topic discussion must be kept at a minimum.

    Try to refrain from discussing any controversial topics such as politics, religion, self-harm/suicide, etc. These topics cause tension and may start civil wars within the forum.

    Important note

    Game Masters are given a large degree of autonomy. They have the freedom to ban or delete things as they see fit if they feel the content in case is deemed unsuitable for the forum and is not covered by previously stated rules.


    If you happen to break any of the rules mentioned you will be verbally warned for a first time, always depending on the situation. After the verbal warning the punishment as banning may be given. You may only have 3 warnings points, if you have exceeded the threshold it will result in a permanent ban (3rd warning point equals ban).

    Rules and punishments will be applied depending on the context of the message. If you think that a rule or punishment has been applied incorrectly or unfairly, you are able to contact our Game Masters or open a ticket and explain your situation. Be respectful when doing this, we like to be treated how you’d like people to treat you.

    Crimson Deserts Online’s rules are subject to change at any time, with or without prior notice. It’s advisable to check up on them once in awhile.

    We hope you enjoy your stay on Crimson Desert Online!

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