• Hi, i’m new on the game and on the server, i readed that pearl boxes are dropped from monsters but i don’t know where, can anyone tell me where i can find these pearl boxes? Sorry for my english.

  • Any mobs and u can also get pearls by garthering fishing etc

  • if you’re low lvl and low gs you can check these places/mobs:

    *grass beetles
    *catfishman camp
    *mansha forest

    if you have gear and high lvl:
    *susans camp
    *cresent shrine

    note: don’t take my words these places are from what I heard from other players and their testing, so hopefully it will help you.

  • u can also get pearls from gathering water.

  • Thanks for the answers, still no found a Pearl chest but i’m only lvl 30 so it’s fine by now

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