Launcher Issues Guidelines

  • Community Manager

    Experiencing an issue can be quite the ordeal, which is why it is important that you do your best to convey as much information as possible in your topic so that we can properly assist you in resolving your issue.

    When making a topic in this section, please include the following:

    • Which launcher are you using? PTR or Live?
    • Which operating system are you running? (E.g Windows 10, Windows 7)
    • Is your operating system x64 or x86? (64-bit or 32-bit).
    • Have you attempted restarting your system?
    • A description of the issue which you are facing. (E.g “Pressing the minimize button crashes the launcher.”)
    • Steps to reproduce. (E.g “Press the minimize button”).

    Thank you for assisting us in helping you!

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